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About us

An integrated team of scientists from across the disciplines, creating a dynamic hub to inspire new approaches to the understanding of living systems and the diseases that afflict them.

The new Living Systems Building creates a state of the art environment in which cell and molecular biologists, mathematicians, physicists, biomedical scientists and engineers can work together in a common space. This integration is designed to foster innovative, interdisciplinary research into the fundamental molecular and cellular processes underlying human, animal, and plant biology and disease; our aim is to generate knowledge of ‘living systems’ that can be translated into new predictive, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The Living Systems Institute promotes cutting-edge research within an environment that recognises the aesthetic, ethical, ecological, societal as well as economic implications of scientific discovery. Our approaches range from the most basic, curiosity-driven investigations through to problem-driven, goal-oriented translational research.

Bringing together mathematicians, physicists, cell and molecular biologists, biomedical scientists and engineers.

Developing and applying cutting-edge methods in engineering and physics to the analysis of biological processes.

Pushing the boundaries of biology towards a new level of understanding and control of living systems.