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Sustainability at LSI


Who we are  

The LSI Sustainability group formed in 2020 as a group of LSI-based academics, researchers, staff and PhD students. We are always looking for new members, please get in touch if you are interested in joining us. Our current membership is as follows: 

Chloe Beecham (Technical Services) 

Helen Eachus (Post-doc) 

Andy Early (Technical Services) 

Vicky Jackson (PhD student) 

Hannah LaeverenzSchlogelhofer (Post-doc) 

Wolfram Moebius (PI) 

Adam Monier (PI) 

Karina Scholpp (Admin team) 

Katie Upton (Admin team) 


What we achieved so far 

Ongoing projects  

  • Working towards LEAF Gold award 
  • Improving cycle parking at the LSI 
  • Acting on analysis of electricity usage in LSI 
  • Reducing lab plastic 

Upcoming events  

LSI Sustainability Drive 2022 – ‘Going for Gold’, 5th December 14:30-17:30, LSI Seminar Rooms. Now that we have achieved LEAF Silver, we are ‘Going for Gold’. This event will be your chance to hear what sustainability initiatives are already underway at the LSI and get involved in brainstorming new ideas for making our workplace more sustainable. We encourage all staff and students to come along and get involved. More details and calendar invite coming soon. 


Past events 

LSI Sustainability Day 2021, Wednesday 29.09.2021, 13:30 -16:00  


LEAF Silver awarded to the LSI. LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework)is a scheme that recognises the actions undertaken to improve sustainability practices within research laboratories. Thank you to everyone who has helped the LSI achieve this milestone.

Get in touch! 

If you have any suggestions for improving sustainability practices at the LSI or would like to get involved in the LSI Sustainability Group, then please get in touch with us via email ( or Teams (Sustainability in the LSI channel in LSI Exeter). 

Resources for sustainability