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Physics of Life

The physics of life modality explores the organisation and dynamics of living systems. We combine new biophysical and imaging approaches with mathematical modelling to explore dynamic processes in biomolecules, organelles, cells and organisms.

The challenges we address include the dynamics of cellular behaviour during signalling, growth or differentiation. We also explore the emergence of dynamics in neural circuits in animals and humans and how these can go wrong in disease. A further challenge is to understand how cellular couplings and hydrodynamics lead to large-scale coordination of cellular projections such as cilia or flagella and how cells and small organisms move and react to stimuli. To address these issues, we employ super-resolution microscopy and cryoEM, and work closely with researchers in the Biosensing and Engineering Biology areas to develop new imaging, photonic or droplet-based approaches. Non-linear computational models are developed in collaboration with Modelling colleagues. Such interdisciplinary work is at the core of the LSI ethos and is essential to understand emergent phenomena in living systems and predict the outcomes of perturbations.

Contributing research groups


Fulvia Bono

Catalin Chimerel

Bertram Daum

Fabrice Gielen

Vicki Gold

Marc Goodfellow

Gaspar Jekely

Daniel Kattnig

Wolfram Moebius

Stefano Pagliara

Jonathan Phillips

David Richards

Soojin Ryu

Steffen Scholpp

Frank Vollmer

Kirsty Wan

Kyle Wedgwood

Bryony Williams