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Training Level 1

Level 1

The level 1 training will raise your awareness of the signs and symptoms associated with poor mental health as well as help you identify warning signs of acute distress. Additionally, the training will introduce you to the skills required to have a conversation with someone who is at risk, and to know how and where to signpost for further support.

Complete the level 1 training on LearnUpon

Use the search function within the catalogue section to find Mental Health and Suicide Awareness (supporting students) Level 1.

We recognise that mental health and suicide awareness can be challenging issues for anyone. Please bear this in mind when deciding where and when to undertake this training. The training programme offered here can be particularly challenging if we have personal experience of suicidal thoughts or experience of dealing with those who have taken steps to end their lives. Please remember that this training is not compulsory and can be stopped at any time. Please read more about support for you if you are impacted by this training.

The level 1 training aims to:

  • Raise your awareness of mental health issues and understanding of suicide
  • Help you to identify potential warning signs of mental ill-health and indicators of increasing risk
  • Gain an introductory understanding of the skills you need to speak with someone who may be at risk
  • Raise awareness of how and where to access appropriate support for yourself after contact with someone who has raised a concern or is experiencing suicidal thoughts.

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No, it's not mandatory. Whilst we encourage all staff to complete Level 1 training if they feel able to do so, we recognise that this particular training won't be appropriate for everyone. For example, if you have personal experience of suicidal thoughts or have experience of dealing with family, friends or others who have taken steps to end their lives, this training may not be suitable for you. Please remember too that you do not have to complete the training if you start and feel it is not right for you at this time.

This training offers a community approach to mental health and suicide safety – any of us can encounter someone at risk of suicide, and everyone can make a difference. By asking as many colleagues as possible to train in mental health awareness and suicide safety, we can build a safety net for those who are at risk and act together to reduce the likelihood of suicide. 

You can access the training through your LearnUpon account. Select the menu on the top right of your LearnUpon home page and choose ‘catalogue’. Scroll through the courses until you find the Mental health and suicide safety training and select enrol (green button). The course will now appear on your dashboard.