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The University coat of arms, with the motto written across a book which symbolises wisdom and learning.

We follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ, who taught 2,000 years ago that we should love God with heart, soul, mind and strength; and love our neighbour as ourself.

We believe that in doing our best to abide by the teaching of Christ, we are responding to the University motto: Lucem Sequimur - We follow the light.

We are a community of Prayer, Hospitality, Compassion and Study that hopes to be inclusive, non-judgemental, compassionate and to offer a warm welcome to all – irrespective of creed, race, gender or sexuality.


Who are we?

Our congregations are, naturally, predominantly of University students, but by no means exclusively and there is no membership 'requirement' or age limit. We welcome everyone – staff, students and members of the public.

The students among us study different subjects (we are not all theologians) and we come from different countries, socio-economic backgrounds and theological approaches, which to date have included atheist, agnostic, Methodist, Anglican, Anglo-Catholic, Baptist, Catholic, evangelical, charismatic, Lutheran, Buddhist and Jewish (and this list is not exhaustive).

Some of us are just embarking on tentative explorations – questioning what it is we believe, while others feel a strong and clear calling, even towards ordination. Everyone is welcome to receive the Eucharist, but there is no expectation to do so; some of us receive a blessing and some remain in our seats.

We also differ politically – those who have voted conservative, liberal democrat, labour and green have all found welcome and a home here.

As such we naturally hold various views and approaches which are mutually respected – this often leads to lively, fascinating and enlightening discussion! – but always in the spirit of friendship.

So if you are thinking of coming along to a service or event, and wonder if you will 'fit in', we are already a diverse bunch. Everyone has their own 'story' which is unique to them, and yours will be very welcome.

It's also absolutely fine to simply come along and observe, and see what you think.