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Methodist Chaplaincy


The Methodist Church is a part of the wider Christian community. Founded in the 18th century by John Wesley, Methodists have always been clear that no-one is beyond the reach of God’s love, and have sought to demonstrate this in practical ways.

Methodist Churches seek to be inclusive – welcoming those of all backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles.

We believe God calls us to:

  • celebrate God's love
  • increase awareness of God's presence
  • help each other grow and learn as Christians, through mutual support and care
  • be a good neighbour to people in need
  • challenge injustice
  • to encourage others to follow Jesus Christ

Some of the things that make us distinctive include:

  • an emphasis on the contribution each person can make in serving God and in the life of the church
  • the importance of meeting together in small groups
  • an approach to faith that encourages interaction and reflection between:
    • Scripture (the Bible)
    • Tradition (the wisdom and creativity of Christians over time)
    • Reason (using critical thinking to make sense of the world and loving God with our minds as well as heart)
    • Experience (our own experience of God's grace at work in our lives)

You can find out more about Methodism on the Methodist Church website.