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Accommodation in Exeter

Your accommodation offer

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Your offer

You will receive an email with an offer of accommodation that can be viewed on your accommodation account. 

Students outside accommodation

There will be a deadline date you need to accept or decline your offer by. 

If you do not respond within the deadline, we will chase you by email. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of our chaser email, we will withdraw the offer of accommodation automatically. Due to the demand for rooms, if you contact us after your room offer has been withdrawn, we may not be able to reassign you accommodation. 

Only one offer of accommodation will be made. Please read the offer of accommodation carefully and make sure it is suitable for your needs.

If you reject our offer, we will not make another offer.

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Am I guaranteed one of my preferences?

Please note, we do not guarantee you’ll be offered one of your four preferences from your application, so you could be offered a room in a residence you haven’t considered. This depends on how many applications we receive for each residence. View our 2023-24 Undergraduate Application Ratio Table to see how the number of applications made by the guarantee deadline compare to available bedspaces.

If we cannot allocate you one of your preferences, we will use all the information in your application as a guide to give you the most appropriate room.

In some circumstances, we will source additional accommodation in the city which may not have been advertised.

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When will I hear?

Applicant Type

Offer Status

Application Processed

Offer Period


Conditional Firm (CF)

 Once your status becomes Unconditional Firm (for many students this will be after A level results day in August)

If your offer becomes UF before August, we will usually send you an accommodation offer within one month of your status change and application submission.

If your offer becomes UF in August, we will send you an accommodation offer from week commencing 21 August 2023.


Unconditional Firm (UF) (e.g. deferred students)

Between May and August

Usually within one month of your application submission

Full Year Exchange Student

Unconditional Firm (UF)

May onwards

July onwards

Postgraduate and PhD students


Late April onwards

Usually within two weeks of your application submission



Late April onwards

June – September

Semester 1 Exchange Student (i.e. studying September – January)


In date order of receipt

Early June

Semester 2 Exchange Student (i.e. studying January – June)


In date order of receipt

TBC – Offers of accommodation are subject to availability.

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Room allocation procedure

The University of Exeter values the diversity of its community and believes this enriches employment, research, studying and learning experiences. As such, we allocate students within our residences with the aim of achieving a mixed and diverse community. 

For undergraduates, applications are processed in a random order, and therefore, rooms are not allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 

For postgraduates, applications are processed in date order of receipt, meaning we will allocate on a first come, first serve basis.

If we are unable to allocate you to your first preference of residence, we will look to allocate you to your second preference. If this is also full, we will look to allocate you to your third preference, and so on.

Please see further details on how we allocate rooms.

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