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Accommodation in Exeter

Bike storage and general storage

Bike storage

To store your bicycle in one of the residence bike stores, you need to ask your reception to log and tag it first.

Spaces in some stores are limited and tags are issued on a first come first serve basis, so do this as soon as you move in.

Use a strong lock - Devon and Cornwall Police recommend that you use two locks of the ‘D’ or ‘combination lock’ types. 

Standard insurance cover is up to £300 for theft so consider increasing the level of cover if needed.

Due to health, safety and fire regulations, bikes are not allowed inside university residences. Any bikes found inside will be moved to the nearest secure bike shed and the bike owner will be charged.

Special arrangements can be made for University Bicycle Club members to store their bike in a bike bag in their bedroom. Other rules may apply and a copy of your membership is required.

General storage

Unfortunately, the University cannot offer students storage for belongings, but there are several private storage providers operating in and around Exeter:  

Disclaimer: this information is for reference only; these companies are in no way affiliated with the University and we cannot be held responsible for the quality of service they provide. 

Surf boards are not allowed inside residences. If you need to store a surfboard, you need to make your own arrangements.

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