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Entry requirements for the United States of America


If you are taking A levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma, you will be eligible for direct entry if you meet your chosen programme’s entry requirements; see the relevant page of our undergraduate courses for details. You can apply through UCAS.

Alternatively, undergraduate applicants from the U.S. can meet our general entry requirements – the equivalent of three UK A levels – by successfully completing their High School Diploma with a combination of the following options:

  • Advanced Placement tests (APs)
  • SAT Subject Tests (prior to their discontinuation)
  • ACT (composite score)
  • College level class credit (at least three units/credits or one semester in length)
  • High school honours class credit (at least one year's duration; year 11 or 12)

These options can be 'mixed and matched' to meet our standard A level requirements. For example, you may have one Advanced Placement test, one High School honours class and one College-level class.

Please note however, that any subject-specific A level requirements can only be met by any of the following:

  • a relevant Advanced Placement Test grade
  • a relevant SAT Subject Test
  • appropriate College-level class credit

For subject-specific requirements, please see the relevant page of our undergraduate courses.

When you are completing your UCAS form

In order to assist our Admissions team, remember to include any of the following qualifications or tests you may have already taken, or will be taking in your senior year. The following are the most important to mention and will help our team process your application:

  • English and Maths class grades from years 10, 11 and 12
  • Any SAT Reasoning English and Maths scores
  • Any High School honours classes (including AP classes) or College-level classes from years 11 and 12
  • Any AP test grades or SAT Subject Test grades
  • Any ACT test results (composite score)
  • Associate degree GPA if applying from a community college

After submitting your UCAS application and obtaining your UCAS personal ID number please email our Admissions team with a copy of your most recent transcript. Please remember to quote your UCAS ID number in this and any future correspondence.

The institutional College Board number is 6592. The institutional ACT number is 5469.

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Grade equivalents

Grade equivalents of accepted qualifications
A level
AP TestAP ClassHigh School
Honors Class
College-level ClassSAT
Subject Test
    See notes on AP classes Year 11 and 12,
1 year's duration.
See notes on Honors classes
Minimum three units/credits
or one semester in length
See notes on College-level classes
See notes on SAT subject tests
A 5
B 4
C 3


AP classes can be accepted as meeting A level requirements, except for subject-specific requirements where presentation of the final test score remains a requirement. Any AP classes should be named 'Advanced Placement' or 'AP' on the high school transcript.

High school honours classes can be accepted as meeting A level requirements, except for subject-specific requirements. These classes should be named 'honours', 'hons', 'college prep', or abbreviations thereof, on the high school transcript.

College-level class credit can be accepted as meeting A level requirements, including any subject-specific requirements, on a case-by-case basis. The class credit should in a named academic subject (rather than practical or recreational).

If you are applying for a degree requiring A level Mathematics, a SAT Subject Test in Maths is not considered equivalent. You will need to hold AP Calculus or College-level credit in an appropriate class (case-by-case).


We can also accept a composite ACT score as described in the ACT Equivalencies table, provided you meet any subject-specific requirements by offering the relevant Advanced Placement test, SAT Subject Test or appropriate College-level credit.

ACT Equivalencies
British A levelsACT
A*AA 32
AAA 31
AAB 30
ABB 29
BBB 28

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Associate degrees for transfer

The University welcomes transfer students.

First year entry

Students completing an associate degree from a US community college can be accepted onto the first year of an undergraduate degree with an A level grade equivalency as described in the Transfer Degree Equivalencies table, and by meeting any subject-specific A level requirements with appropriate academic class credit.

Transfer degree equivalencies
British A levelsTransfer Degree
A*A*A GPA of 3.6 or higher
A*AA GPA of 3.5
AAA GPA of 3.4
AAB GPA of 3.3
ABB GPA of 3.2

Second year entry

US community college students successfully completing their associate degree can apply for second-year entry on a case-by-case basis. You must demonstrate (via your college transcript) that you have covered most/all subjects of year one content of the course for which you are applying.

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Postgraduate Taught

For direct entry onto our Masters courses you will be required to hold a relevant Bachelors degree with a grade equivalent to a UK Second-class honours (2:1 or 2:2); please check the relevant page of our Masters courses for the exact entry requirements of your chosen course.

We consider applications on a case-by-case basis, but the table of Grade Equivalencies for Entry to Postgraduate Taught Courses, would generally apply.

Grade equivalencies
for entry to postgraduate taught courses
UK Bachelors DegreeUS Bachelors Degree
First-class Honours 3.75+ / 4.0 GPA
Upper Second-class Honours (2:1) 3.2+ / 4.0 GPA
Lower Second-class Honours (2:2) 2.6+ / 4.0 GPA

If you are interested in our Finance Masters courses or Management Masters courses but do not quite meet our entry requirements, you may be able to gain entry by first attaining a Graduate Diploma via INTO.

Postgraduate Research

For entry onto postgraduate research programmes (including PhD) you will need to hold a relevant Masters degree, supported by a strong research proposal.

See also: how to apply for a postgraduate research degree