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The combination of a stunning campus, supportive staff, all-inclusive courses and Exeter as a friendly and safe city made me decide it was the perfect university for me.  

The city is dynamic, green, peaceful and has a great variety of resources to help its students enjoy their studies and life as well as take the next steps in their careers. My tutors are knowledgeable and experienced and not only give me support all the time, but also give me new perspectives to help with translation. I found it so interesting to do translation tasks using Computer Assisted Tools such as Trados.  

I have enjoyed every moment of my time with translation students both in and outside classes. Communicating with my classmates, who come from different cultures (e.g. British, Italian, Irish, Polish, Spanish), has been such a joy and has made me more open-minded.  

In addition my Greek career mentor was super nice, professional and shared with me his real-world experiences so that I was able to have a better understanding of the language services industry. I am now working for the University as a part-time intern to undertake some translation and marketing tasks and it is very exciting to gain hands-on experience. 

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