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International students


Why did you choose the University of Exeter?

The University is well known for its excellence in teaching and has been ranked high worldwide over the years, especially for psychology courses.

Why did you choose your current program of study?

It has always been my desire to work in the psychology field, I enjoy observing people’s behavior and emotions, as well as being a good listener and trying to solve their difficulties in life.  

What do you enjoy most about your University program?

Knowing friends that have the same ambitions and interests as me.

What is the best thing about studying with students from all around the world?

You learn their cultures, hobbies and even languages.

Why would you recommend the University of Exeter?

Because the teaching is excellent, and students here are willing to learn. I like the atmosphere at this university. 

What are the best things about Exeter as a city?

Although the city is small, the weather and environment are better than other places in the UK, you can always see sunny days here. Also, the restaurants in the city centre are fantastically good.  

What activities and societies have you been involved in since starting at Exeter?

I joined the Archery Club last year and am planning to join St. John's Ambulance this year. I am also a Student Ambassador.

What do you enjoy doing in Exeter and where is your favourite place to go?

I enjoy shopping and studying together with my friends. The Thai shop in the city centre – Somboon - is always my favourite place to go.

What is your favourite place on Campus and why?

The Forum. There are restaurants, libraries, and cinema there. I always spend my whole day there. 

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