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International students


I applied to universities in London as well as Exeter but realized I didn’t want to be in a big city but wanted to be in a manageable one. Exeter is near to the coast, a small city with large student population, beautiful and open campus, very green!

It has been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life in how it has been an open and reflective learning experience; not just regarding my chosen course but for myself personally, helping me advance in my personal and academic goals, and making connections with those around me.

I have liked the immense choice and freedom in Liberal Arts, whilst focusing on my major (International Relations), where I get the flexibility to choose from a variety of modules, I also have opportunities to link my minor (Business) to other aspects of my degree. Taking French in my first year inspired me to go abroad and immerse myself in the language over a placement year, and the core Liberal Arts modules throughout my degree have been an incredible opportunity to reflect not only on the interdisciplinary nature of my subject matter, but also on the real-world implications this has, with diverse forms of assessment to accompany it.

I took a placement year where I worked in France, mainly as a translator. My main objective in completing during this year abroad was to advance considerably in the language. It also gave me a first-hand insight into the translation and recruitment sector that confirmed by existing interest in languages and writing. I would like to pursue a further course of study in the field of journalism or translation in order to hone these skills before working.

I am currently the vice president of the Beats and Bass society, where we teach people how to mix varieties of music as well as produce! I am a committed member of the Exeter Uni Amateur Boxing Society, have joined Amnesty Society and do volunteering when I have prolonged periods of free time (i.e. this past summer I worked in the Calais refugee camp for an organization called Refugee Community Kitchen and Help Refugees.)

You will have the time of your life! There are opportunities to delve into any area of your interests as well as endless places to discover new things and people.

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