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International students


What's your favourite thing about studying a PhD at Exeter?

The opportunity to be involved in a number of international research collaborations. 

Why did you choose the University of Exeter to study your PhD?

I chose to study at the School of Sport and Health Sciences in Exeter because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the best.      

How would you describe your experience undertaking your PhD and living in Exeter?

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work within a great team and explore a topic that I am passionate about. My three PhD supervisors have been extremely supportive, approachable, and interested in my development as a researcher.   

My experience of the laboratories at the St Luke’s campus has been very positive. Following a detailed introduction, I was provided with a number of excellent opportunities to use specialised equipment and improve my practical skills under the supervision of world-class researchers.  

What has been the biggest highlight for you so far?   

The highlight so far is my successful application for the CLES International Laboratory Visit Fund and the opportunity to deliver a poster presentation of my MSc project during the 2019 Postgraduate Research Conference at the University of Exeter.

Did you find it ok settling into the University/ UK?

Settling in to study abroad can be challenging, but the encouragement and support from fellow students and University staff has made the process much easier. Moreover, reflecting on my experiences over the last few years makes me smile, and realise how far I have come thanks to the people who believed in me. I enjoy the fact that as a vibrant, student city with beautiful surroundings, Exeter offers plenty of opportunities for social activities and adventures. 

What advice would you give to someone considering studying at the University?

Completing an academic degree at the University of Exeter is a fantastic opportunity to exchange knowledge at the highest level. In addition to the development and use of the latest technologies in research, the University makes every effort to apply study findings in order to meet the needs of our society. Besides, I believe that the presence of outstanding academics at the School of Sport and Health Sciences will inspire and help prospective students achieve their full potential. 

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