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International students


Why did you pick Exeter over other Universities?

The University of Exeter's Camborne School of Mines (CSM) is known globally for its immense contribution to the extractive sector (minerals and mining) by churning out engineers ready for industry. The University is also ranked 14th in the QS global ranking for Minerals and Mining.

The Global Excellence Award enhanced my chances of being in Exeter. I’m grateful to Exeter for the scholarship. It has made my dream a reality.

Why did you pick this course?

I chose the course as I wanted an international experience aside from what I already had in order to enhance my brand and make me more marketable for employers in any part of the globe.

How have you found the teaching, research, lecturers, course content? 

The course was tailored to current technological trends and industry needs. Underground Construction is by far my favourite module. I got the opportunity to get a wider insight in to the use of a tunnel boring machines (TBM) for various sizes of underground excavations and the wide variety of ground conditions in which TBMs can be used.  This is a new experience and has created a strong affinity in me for TBM tunnelling.

The Electronic Learning Environment (ELE) is a life saver; One in a million! I have the opportunity to revise any lecture as many times as I wish. Lectures are recorded and lecture notes are readily available for use. During my quarantine period when I first arrived, online live lectures kept me at an appreciable pace and I was not left behind. The lecturers are more like encyclopaedias, very knowledgeable with both theoretical and practical experiences.

Anything else you want to write about your studies that might be useful to a prospective student?

Exeter is the school of choice and one can be certain of nothing but the best.

Tell us about the campus. 

The campus is very serene and has a variety of different ethnicities and gives the opportunity to make friends with lots of different personalities. The many facilities are well resourced for my programme of study.

Strangely enough, my favourite spot is the Library. I love spending time there because it has virtually all my references that I need for a particular module.

Did you find it okay settling into Exeter/ the UK? 

Due to the restrictions and the era in which we find ourselves, it has been quite challenging visiting new places and meeting new faces. Fortunately, on my part, the supermarket is just about 15mins walk from my house and that has been so much of a benefit. I love the supermarket. Very huge and it has a variety of items I need.

Do you feel campus has an international feel? How does Exeter compare to where you are from originally?

CSM is almost like my previous campus in terms of size, however the opportunity to meet and interact with different people from different parts of the world brings out the international feeling.

What advice would you give international students thinking about studying in the UK?

Resources are available to make studying easy and fun. Students should come prepared because the coursework is very demanding and requires efficiency and precision.

How well supported have you felt during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

During my 14 day mandatory quarantine when I first arrived, the Library delivered all books that I requested to my house. It was simply amazing!!!

What has been the biggest highlight of studying at Exeter? 

The fact that my degree will be awarded by University of Exeter Cambourne School of Mines is a dream come true!

Do you feel your course will enhance your employability?

My programme will not only enhance my employability but also give me the opportunity to share what I’ve experienced and the knowledge I’ve gained with my team members (at work) when I return to my home country.

Sum up your experience at Exeter in just four words

Resplendent, constant studies and fun.

What are you plans after finishing your course? 

Return to my country and put my experiences and knowledge to practise.  

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