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International students


Why did you choose to progress to the University of Exeter?

The University is highly ranked in the UK and is famous for its excellence in teaching.  There are lots of senior and experienced lecturers.  Also it is a campus based University, which means that many resources and buildings are easily accessible.  It is also very quiet, yet an exciting city with passionate students and teachers.  I believe that this can provide me with a relaxing university experience that I will never forget.

Why did you choose your current programme of study?

I chose Psychology due to my interest in the field since high school.  The course will hopefully give me the opportunity to progress further in relevant disciplines, including Clinical Psychology.

What is the best thing about studying with people from all around the world?

The multi-cultural experience is very interesting as I had the opportunity to meet and experience other's cultures.  Not only would I recognise the difference between cultures, the best thing about meeting people from all around the world is to realise all the things we have in common.

What is your favourite memory of the University?

The best memory is meeting local friends and joining societies. It was a fabulous experience to recognise that University life is not just about studying.  It is all about studying, but with fun and activities.  The other best thing is all the great food around campus.

What are the best things about Exeter as a city?

It's relaxing!  The environment here is the best for study, as well as for easily meeting new friends and people.

What is your favourite place/ thing to do in Exeter?

Exeter is full of excitements. Exeter may be small, but there is always good food everywhere.  Not only local cuisine, but Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine.

The best place on campus is the Guild.  The sofas and designs are very comfortable and a really nice place to chill when with friends. The University also provides an excellent study environment.  There are not only chairs and tables but sofas as well.  There are small discussion rooms and the decoration is well chosen with a very warm feeling which is best for students that might feel tense and tired.

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