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International students


Why did you choose Exeter over other Universities? 

I chose Exeter because of its location in the beautiful county of Devon, which is known for its national parks and beaches. You’re surrounded by the beauty of nature; making it the perfect environment to study in.

I also chose Exeter because of how international it is. You are exposed to different cultures and people of all walks of life. The University also offers a wide variety of different language courses, so it is a great environment to prepare for an international career. 

How have you found the course and facilities? 

One of the best things about the Business School is the wide selection of undergraduate modules. This is great because I can choose my niche. As I am interested in the creative side of business, I am studying modules such as Design Management and Marketing and Innovation Management. Lecturers are always happy to help, so I try to utilise their office hours to ask questions and receive feedback. 

The Business School not only has a vast variety of online resources, but they also run workshops for presentation skills, numerical skills, report writing skills and much more.  

Tell us about the campus 

I love how beautiful the campus is. You have historical buildings such as Reed Hall, but you also have the Forum which is sleek and modern.  There are so many new study spots, restaurants and cafés. 

I felt a sense of familiarity being in an environment with people from different parts of the world. I joined various societies, attending socials to meet new friends. This was a great way to meet like-minded people, and to meet some fellow students from Hong Kong. There’s a huge Chinese community here in Exeter, so there are various Chinese restaurants and supermarkets here, making it easy to adjust. The University also hosts Chinese New Year celebrations every year with food, performances, and fireworks. 

Exeter is incredibly diverse, and I’ve met people from all over the world. The University has a Foreign Language Centre, where students are encouraged to learn new languages as part of their degree or as an evening class. I love how all cultures are celebrated here –  I’m glad I can embrace and share my culture with others and learn about other cultures as well. 

What has been the highlight of studying at Exeter? 

My biggest highlight at Exeter was receiving the call from Dyson informing me I got the placement offer. This was a really memorable moment for me because it was challenging applying for placements, working as the University’s International Social Media Ambassador and Telephone Fundraiser, running a committee, completing group work and deadlines. If it weren’t for the opportunities from the University, I wouldn’t have had such an amazing placement. 

How do you like Exeter and the surrounding area? 

My favourite place in Exeter is the Cathedral Green. As the centre of Exeter, this is where the Christmas market is held every year, and is home to Tea on Green, my favourite restaurant in Exeter known for their Devonshire Cream Teas. The Cathedral Green is a great place to relax and take in the beauty of Exeter. I also love going to Exmouth for the ocean breeze. It’s quick train ride from Exeter Central Station, so it’s the perfect place to go on a day trip. 

When I graduate... 

I will be returning to Dyson as an International Commercial Graduate, and I’m looking forward to being sent abroad as part of the 2 year scheme to immerse myself in a new culture, and to build my knowledge and commercial know-how. 

Sum up your Exeter experience in just 4 words 

Incredible University, amazing people!

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