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International students


Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study your particular subject?

I chose Exeter due to several reasons. The university is quite well-known and prestigious (being part of the Russell group) besides that the course I chose also has a positive standing in the University. Lastly, the gold TEF that the University has also indicated that I would be able to obtain and understand the material well in the university.

Describe your typical day at Exeter

Usually I go and have my online lessons, occasionally studying the material after the lessons depending on the day. Sometimes I participate in event societies or help plan them (I’m the general secretary for the Indonesian Society). I usually cook at home in between the activities. I also spend time with my friends (calling, playing games with them) on certain days.

What are the best aspects of studying within your department?

I like the fact that the staff are very supportive in giving out the materials. They are always open for us to ask questions. They are also very clear on the structure of each module. I personally like the personal tutors that we are assigned to as they are there to help us with any problems and uncertainties that we have.

How would you describe the vibe on campus?

In a normal situation (pre Covid 19), the vibe on campus is very lively. A lot of people are on campus doing various activities such as relaxing in the café, studying in the library, eating in the cafeteria, etc. Those are just a few things you could do in campus, there is also a gym, theatre, and sports park.

What activities are you taking part in?

I joined several societies, mainly the Indonesian society, Anime and Manga Society, and Harry Potter Society. 

What particular skills are you gaining from this experience? Will this help you in your choice of career?

I believe I am gaining several skills. Mainly I believe my time management skills are the most developed because of the several activities I have to do as a university student. Besides that, I also believe that my teamwork/organizational skills have been enhanced as I work with many people in organising events. 

What’s the best thing about living in Exeter?

I like the fact that Exeter is a good place to study and do activities. It’s a small enough place for us to easily go anywhere by walking or taking a short bus trip. 

Was there anything about your experiences at Exeter that surprised you?  

I did not expect the University to have so many societies. There are many societies that I could join which shows the diverse groups of hobbies and interests. I was glad as this indicates that there is a society for everyone.

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

The University has been really helpful in preventing the spread of the virus. They have initiated various measures to ensure that the University is a safe place to study. They have also been really helpful for those international students arriving to the UK alone as they have an airport pick up service; greeting and accompanying them when they arrive at the airport.

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