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International students


I chose Exeter because it is a campus-based university which is only a 10 minute walk away from the city. Therefore I knew I would not have to worry about commuting from classes to my residence, which was one of my criteria when looking at universities. I was also lucky to have received a scholarship in my first year of my studies. A typical day may involve a lecture or a class in the laboratory in the morning, which is followed by a quick lunch at my residence. Then if I do not have classes in the afternoon I usually catch up on my notes. Later in the evening I go to either rugby or hockey training.

The best thing about living in Exeter is the town being a 10-minute walk away and has many things to offer, from shopping to just being able to relax by the quay. Having the beach nearby is just the cherry on top. The vibe on campus is very relaxed, everyone is friendly, and the university feels like one big community.

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