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International students


Why did you pick your course and how have you found it?

I appreciated the flexibility of the Business and Management course and the ability to choose from a variety of modules in the Business School as it helped me figure out what interests me the most and what sort of job I would like to pursue in the future.

The tutors and lecturers at the University were very helpful and supportive during my studies. The online resources were very useful during my studies, especially the online Exeter Library which contains a vast amount of helpful resources that helped me in my studies and research.  I would also recommend using the Career Zone

Tell us about the campus

The campus is definitely one of my favourite aspects of studying at the University. It is very lively, with great facilities and many great study spots to choose from!

The Forum Library is definitely my favorite place to study on campus, as it offers both quiet areas and group areas to study so it's a great place to get work done whether you’re alone or with friends. When hanging out with my friends I really enjoy sitting outside on the Forum steps, especially on sunny days.

Did you find it ok settling in to Exeter/ the UK?

It was  very easy to make friends when joining Exeter. I made new friends through joining societies, attending events for international students and from lectures and classes. The University was very helpful, providing us with all the information we needed to settle in and find our way around the city and campus.

Exeter is definitely a change of scenery from back home, but it did quickly feel like a second home, as it is a very welcoming city with a student feel and you meet students from all around the world which is definitely a plus! I now have friends from all around the world thanks to Exeter.

What are your top tips for international students thinking about studying in the UK?

Join societies as well as attend events and fairs for international students, and take advantage of the University’s campus tours and buddy schemes where you can receive one on one advice from current students.

Also, find out about the University’s support services before you arrive as it might be helpful when you need support or motivation when first starting out.

How have you found the city and the surrounding area?

Exeter has many beautiful areas and sights to visit, the Quay is my favorite place to visit with friends! Especially on sunny exeter days, you can rent a bike or go canoeing with friends.

Sum up your experience at Exeter

Exciting, challenging, fun and comfortable.

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