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International students


The LLB in English Law and French Law/Master 1 (Maîtrise en Droit) is a course I would strongly recommend to any Mauritian students considering it. One of the distinctive features of Mauritius is its hybrid legal system which consists of a combination of French Civil Law rules and English Common Law practices. Accordingly, the dual legal qualification programme offered by the University of Exeter in partnership with the University of Rennes 1 almost seems like a custom-made course for Mauritian students. 

Coming from the tiny island myself was something I used to my advantage. Over and above my fluency in English and French, being a Mauritian student allowed me to bring a unique perspective to my work. This distinctive approach made me stand out during my studies in both Exeter and Rennes and allowed me to score amongst the highest. Ultimately, my successful completion of this 4 year Anglo-French dual legal programme is proof that any Mauritian student can be successful in this course. However, such a rewarding achievement was only possible thanks to the trust and constant support of the course director throughout my studies. 

Whilst the course content has been enriching intellectually and culturally, what I loved most about the course was being part of a small number of students as this created a stimulating environment in which to study as it allowed for more interactive lectures and Travaux Dirigés. Moreover, the small number made it easier to make close friends and have personalised support from lecturers. This supportive community between students and lecturers was key to my success (especially during the difficult times of the Covid19 pandemic, which disrupted my two final years). 

Finally, my time as a LLB in English Law and French Law/Master 1 (Maîtrise en Droit) Student Representative (SSLC) on the Law Council Board made me realise that the course offers more than just an in depth understanding of Common Law and Civil Law. Overall, the academic knowledge and practical skills that I have acquired through this course have improved my employability and multiplied the professional opportunities. My work experience at Dentons (Mauritius) is proof of this. Accordingly, as an international student, I can confirm that this double legal degree will be my golden ticket to pursuing a legal career globally.

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