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International students


As a dual legal qualification programme, the LLB in English Law and French Law/Master1 (Maîtrise en Droit) has been a real asset to my academic development and has given me an international appreciation of the Law and of its practical applications. Studying both a Common Law system and a Civil Law system side by side, coupled with the philosophical foundations that are highlighted, makes for an intellectually enriching programme which has fed my intellectual curiosity and given me a breadth of knowledge essential to professional life.

The course support academically, pastorally and socially, is really unparalleled. There are only around 30/35 students on the LLB in English Law and French Law/Master1 (Maîtrise en Droit), so you develop a tight knit bond with an internationally diverse cohort of students from day one, which carries through to your year abroad at the University of Rennes 1 making for lifelong friendships! Whilst the course is academically challenging, there is constant support from the course director and lecturers, plus a whole host of resources which gives you everything you need in order to succeed. The course provides you with a lot of opportunities to practice for examinations and improve your legal understanding, your critical analysis and your language skills.

The course itself is very well structured, methodological and interactive which allows you to get the full benefit of the expertise of lecturers and develop a deep understanding of French Law, the French legal system and its development. Your fourth year at the University of Rennes 1 allows you to explore a range of subjects from different legal systems and International Human Rights to International and European Economic Law, which expands your career prospects hugely. The cultural experience of moving to foreign countries by yourself  (3 years in the United Kingdom and 1 year in France) and making new friends, plus adapting to different education systems, gives you excellent preparation and adaptability for professional life where you can have a truly global career.

Coming from a Mauritian background, it is absolutely certain that the dual English and French legal training offered by this programme compliments highly the hybrid legal system and the bilingualism of Mauritius and will undoubtedly aid me in my future legal career.

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