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International students


Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study your particular subject?

The first thing that struck me about Exeter was the beautiful and green campus. Being from Norway I knew I wanted to study somewhere with access to nature, and Exeter is truly special in this regard. The History Department at Exeter is also ranked High on the list of History Departments, with many well-known lecturers.

Describe your typical day at Exeter

My typical day at Exeter begins early. Being a third year History student involves a lot of reading and autonomy. As a result, self-discipline is a must. I average about two seminars a week with a third seminar every other week. Although, this does not sound like much, the background reading for each seminar combined with dissertation work is sure to keep you busy. Most of my days are spent researching and reading, with debates taking place during seminars. Although the degree is prone to self-study it involves ample opportunity for group work and projects where you can utilise your creative side.

What are the best aspects of studying within your department?

The best thing about the History department must be the lecturers. They have a vast amount of knowledge in their particular field. This can be a challenge when professors go off on a tangent during lectures but is a godsend when your essay is linked to their specialisation. I would highly advise utilising the office hours of your professors, as this gives you an opportunity to discuss themes and ideas in a deeper and informal fashion.

How would you describe the vibe on campus?

The vibe on campus is a constant stream of student activity. Since Exeter is a multicultural campus with many different ethnicities and religions, you get the pleasure of enjoying everything from Chinese New Year to Diwali. Campus is also a great place to meet new people with the different student societies usually advertising events. Streatham Campus also offers a variety of parks and green areas to enjoy.

What activities are you taking part in? Which facilities/activities do you enjoy the most?

Through my three years at University I’ve tried many of the different sporting and social societies on campus. The great diversity of societies allows you to truly explore your own passions and make likeminded friends. The main societies I am involved with this year is Scandinavian Society, Freedom Society and Clay Pigeon Shooting Society. The range of societies shows how diverse the social experience in Exeter can be.

What particular skills are you gaining from this experience (personal and professional), will this help you in your choice of career?

Perhaps the best skill you learn from societies at Exeter is the ability to make new connections and friendships. Managing to befriend other students from different countries and backgrounds is very useful in any future profession. The political societies also give you the ability to hone your debating skills and gives you the opportunity to improve them in a social and informal setting.

How have you dealt with any difficulties during your time at the University of Exeter? Has the University been supportive during your time here?

For me the biggest help has been the friends I’ve made at Exeter. My English housemates were quick to point out cultural differences and in helping me overcome them. Societies are also a great place to find support since most regions/countries have their own society. These societies are great for helping with homesickness or simply a little cultural or linguistic taste of home. I have not personally approached the university since I haven’t had the need during my years in Exeter, but I know that the University is very helpful in these matters.

What’s the best thing about living in Exeter?

The best thing about living in Exeter has to be the people. The student culture is vibrant and uplifting, and even after three years I’m still meeting new and wonderful people through the university.

Would you recommend Exeter to your friends?

I have recommended Exeter to several of my friends who are considering studying in England. Especially if you enjoy the green rolling hills of the South-West over the skyline in London.

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