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International students


Tell us about being part of the Exeter University Rugby Football Club (EURFC)

The benefits of being part of it were playing a high level of rugby week in week out, with access to a brilliant standard of coaching and facilities and making lifelong mates. It was great to be part of a club of like minded guys, to be a part of something bigger than yourself, to progress as a rugby player and a person. EURFC gave me a sense of belonging and was a massive part of my university life.  Beating Bath at home by 40 points was the best rugby moment for me.

The team was part of British University College Sport (BUCS), the university sports league that all university's compete in. The benefits of this were playing against the best players in the country who are in the same boat as you (studying and playing), competing for the championship, great exposure as a rugby player. 

What is the social aspect of EURFC like? 

The social side of EURFC is just as important as the training aspect of the club, socials are where boys bond in an informal setting and where you get to know what boys are really like. Socials are always good fun and mostly unforgettable- they are memories you will cherish for long past university.

What were the training sessions like? 

EURFC training was a wake up call for me; it was far more challenging and professional than I thought it would have been. Coming from a professional setup at Zebre Rugby Club, I did not think that a university program would be comparable- but I found training to be just as tough if not more challenging both mentally and physically. We train Monday, team run Tuesday, game Wednesday, train Friday, train Saturday.

How were the links with Exeter Chiefs?

Chiefs keep a very close eye on the Uni boys and are always looking to get boys in to show their colours when they have been playing well. The coaching staff also overlap between the University and Chiefs so there is a direct line of communication between coaches and the higher ups at the club.

Were you able to balance your study with your sport commitments?

The balance between work and training is definitely manageable. For the most part I was able to attend lectures every day and complete assignments whilst playing week in week out, but it is very easy to let work pile up and I found myself on the receiving end of this at times.

Best part about your course?

Learning about a field that I am actually interested in.

Biggest highlight of studying at Exeter?

Meeting some very intelligent people and making connections which you will certainly draw on in the future.

Any tips for South African students thinking about studying in the UK?

Have a look at the course you are most interested in and have a look at the modules and their style of teaching etc. 

How does the City of Exeter compare to your hometown in South Africa?

I would compare it to a stellies kind of setup and I absolutely love that. Everything is walking distance and there are buses and trains that work very well when needed.

Did your course enhance your employability?

Economics and Finance opens up a lot of doors post university, but the connections you make at university will be of even more valuable in the long run. 

What do you do now? Do you use skills from your degree in your current role?

I am still studying at the University whilst playing for the Exeter Chiefs. The goal is to use my finance degree to do something of substance alongside my rugby career. 

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