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International students


I chose to study at the University of Exeter due to the good weather as it’s located in South West England, and you can feel the welcoming environment. Academically, the university is in the Russell group which means you receive high-quality teaching. Students are from all around the world so you experience diverse culture in Exeter, and the vibe on campus is relaxing, friendly, comfortable and inclusive.

My typical day at Exeter means waking up at 7am and taking a run around the quay (sometimes!). I have breakfast and then go to classes. I then watch Netflix and YouTube in the afternoon and join some activities. The activities I take part in include the Global café Exeter, UN Model society and Korean mentoring. I enjoy the Korean mentoring the most since I can gain a sense of achievement seeing my mentees progressing quickly. I’ve learnt debating and public speech skills from UN Model society, a better understanding of the UK culture and life from Global café Exeter, and teaching experience and leadership from the mentoring activity.

I would advise students planning to come to the University of Exeter to research the location, environment and course modules. Once you have enrolled, join societies and actively engage in social activities to make friends so that you can get useful information and advice from them. I think learning some British slang could be a good way to make local friends.

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