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International students


Why did you pick Exeter?

After studying at INTO on the University of Exeter campus, I had settled in nicely to the university life and culture with a group of close friends. I also found the lecturers interesting and engaging and was eager to learn more from them.

Why did you choose your programme of study?

I chose my current programme of study because I wish to pursue a career related to psychology which requires completion of a BPS accredited psychology course which the University of Exeter provides.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

I enjoy that the programme covers many areas of psychology such as developmental, cognitive, biological, social, statistics, research methods and much more. The course increases our exposure to different areas of psychology and their theories allowing me to determine which area of psychology I wish to specialise in in the future.

Why would you recommend Exeter?

I would recommend the University to students who want to stay in a relatively quiet and safe city. Additionally, the University of Exeter is ranked 6th in the UK (Leiden Ranking) and 8th in the UK for psychology (The Complete University Guide Ranking) and 34th in the world for psychology (Top Universities). I feel that although the rankings do not determine the whole experience at University, it can be a good estimate as to the academic standards, making it a great place to study at.

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