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International students


I chose to study at Exeter due to the high quality of teaching in Psychology and the friendly environment. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the lectures are usually delivered online. It becomes way more difficult to meet new people, however since the environment is quite chilled and relaxing, I can fully concentrate on studying. Also, when I have the chance to travel, going to different cities near Exeter is quite enjoyable. 

The best part of my department is that the lecturers are encouraging. They are likely to help students who need support from studying, and the way of conveying the lectures and contents is very clear.

As a foreign student, broadening my perspectives by interacting with people with different backgrounds raised my maturity level. As the curriculum itself is very satisfying (sometimes challenging), it keeps me motivated to study psychology in depth. After my graduation, I would definitely choose a career related to my course for practicing the knowledge I learned from university.

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