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International students


Why did you pick Exeter?

I chose Exeter as it takes a year to do a Masters in the UK and Exeter has a good ranking in the business field and good graduate employment rate. 

How have you found the course content and facilities?

I really like the case studies, which make it easier to understand how to put the theory into practice. I like the operation and supply chain modules where you learn how to improve the current situation and increase efficiency.  

I really like the support from the University. The Career Zone is amazing and gives me a lot of help while searching for jobs, writing my CV, and with interviews. I think this is why Exeter has one of the best employment rates in the UK. The workshops are a good introduction to both career understanding and making friends. I joined several good workshops which really broadened my perspective. Lastly, the English language support from INTO is great. I have joined for personal tutorials before my essays and dissertation, which gave me huge assistance. Moreover, the lectures in both academic writing and oral communication are useful.  

Did you find it okay settling into Exeter?

Attending activities in Freshers' Week is a great chance to understand University resources and assists a lot in knowing the environment.  Although Exeter is not a big city, it mostly has everything you need, including Chinese restaurants and Asian markets.  Joining societies might help you to make more friends. However, in my own circumstances, I found it is quite easy to make friends with others if you are not afraid to speak English. People are friendly and they understand English is your second language. Once it is understandable, there is nothing to worry about. Furthermore, you can make a great improvement in your English speaking ability if you speak to others. 

What are your top tips for international students thinking of studying in the UK?

  • Set up your own goals and understand your purpose of studying in the UK. 
  • Do as much research as you can and try to contact people who have studied in the UK before, or are still studying. 
  • Be brave and enjoy your life. 

Are you a member of any societies?

I was a member of the Taiwanese Society. I highly recommend joining your own country or region's society, as you share the same or similar culture. It is always nice to know where you can find mental support and belonging. 

What is the highlight of your time studying at Exeter?

Getting the degree definitely is one of the biggest highlights, as it was my initial goal. However, I really enjoyed my life in the UK and have had a lot of cool experiences and cultural exchange. My friends are the best gift from campus life.  

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