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International students


Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study?

Exeter has a great reputation among universities in the UK.

Describe your typical day at Exeter

The MBA program is a quite busy, students have a lot of assignments and classes compared to other faculties. However, it a great chance to learn and gain new knowledge from this program.

What are the best aspects of studying within your department?

I enjoy the many perspectives from our MBA cohort of different nationalities from around the world. Also, the speakers and professors have so much specific experience in the module.

How would you describe the vibe on campus?

An uphill campus with beautiful views.

What particular skills are you gaining from this experience (personal and professional), will this help you in your choice of career?

In terms of personal mindset, it helps give me more concern for sustainability and I've also learnt that you should give more to society.  I also learnt the soft skills such as how to deal with difficult situations, problem-solving and good English communication skills.

How have you dealt with any difficulties during your time at the University of Exeter?

Just remind yourself that everyone has the same problems and we need to overcome it together.

What’s the best thing about living in Exeter?

The peaceful and convenient city, no need for transportation.

Would you recommend Exeter to your friends?

Absolutely, particularly if they prefer a peaceful and small city, where you can focus on the study.

What advice would you give students planning on coming to the University of Exeter?

Be confident to meet more people, participate in lots of activities and from the cultures of different countries.

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

Yes, the MBA staff have been really great. Not only do they give me advice on how to effectively study in a class, but they also do care about my mental health.

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