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International students


Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study? 

The combination of ethical and sustainable teaching, a beautiful part of the UK, and a diverse cohort made Exeter an easy choice. 

Describe your typical day at Exeter

I have one 3-hour lecture either in the morning or the afternoon. The other 3-hour time block is used for asynchronous learning for other courses. There is a lot of reading and studying. In the evening, I’m either at home or out grabbing a drink and dinner with friends from my program. 

What are the best aspects of studying within your department?

The MBA program is phenomenal. The leadership, staff, other cohort members, and facilities are wonderful. It’s a great environment that encourages learning and is incredibly supportive. 

What activities are you taking part in?  Which clubs/societies or facilities/activities do you enjoy the most? 

I joined the Postgraduate society and play basketball at a social level.

What particular skills are you gaining from this experience, will this help you in your choice if career? 

I’m working on improving my soft skills while also gaining a fantastic amount of theoretical and practical knowledge I can apply in the business world. 

What’s the best thing about living in Exeter?

I love how bike friendly the area is. I bought a bike my first day here and ride everywhere. It’s small enough to get wherever I want by bikes, yet large enough to feel like a nice-sized city. 

Would you recommend Exeter to your friends?  


Was there anything about your experiences at Exeter that surprised you? 

The beer selection here is quite limited compared to the US and the rest of Europe! 

Has the University been supportive during your time here? 

My passport was lost in the mail when applying for my visa. The visa team was crucial in getting me a replacement visa in a timely manner. Their efforts were extremely appreciated. 

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