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International Summer School

What Our Students Say

"The International Summer School was easily one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. As I expected from a highly ranked university as University of Exeter, academically, the pathway I chose was interesting for my career and I could count on really accessible lecturers. Socially, it was more than I could ever imagine. On trips to Dartmoor, London, Bath and St Ives, in addition to events organized in Exeter, which is a wonderful and welcoming town itself, I lived personal enriching moments and I made friends from all over the world, of whom I’ll certainly remember forever. In sum, it was an inspirational experience that I strongly recommend to everyone."

Livia Regina  - University of Sao Paolo, Brazil

"Who knew that in just three weeks you could learn so much, have so many new experiences and form so many new friendships? The Summer School program far exceeded my expectations in every aspect. As well as providing world-class facilities and incredible faculty members, the program allowed me to forge deep ties with like-minded, creative, hardworking people from over 25 countries around the world. The balance of structured classes, social events and travel was extremely helpful in rounding out my first experience of Europe. I now feel that I have a better understanding of myself, both personally and professionally, and am excited to continue my relationship with Exeter in the future."

Grace - Queensland University of Technology, Australia

"It is truly unbelievable how much one can achieve within the span of 3 short weeks. I was able to excel scholarly, adventurously, culturally, and personally. The International Summer School pushed me beyond my own standards of excellence throughout the program’s entirety. A carefully thought out mix of classes, trips on the weekends, and socials gave me an all-inclusive experience of the south west of England. Saying this was the best summer I could possibly imagine is an absolute understatement. I gained a better depth in pressing global issues, collaborated with individuals from around the world, and grew unbelievably as a person. It was genuinely an inspirational and life changing experience that no one should miss."

Amy  - North Carolina State University, USA

"There is no doubt that my time at the University of Exeter was the best summer I have ever had. The 3-day tour in London was well arranged so that we visited the must-see sites. The academic program in Exeter was substantial and the lectures were of high quality. Trips to Bath and St Ives have already become unforgettable moments in my life. Besides all of these wonderful experiences, what I cherish most is the people I met in the summer school: the coordinators are so considerate and dedicated; the teachers who were very willing to answer our questions and talk with us; and the students so energetic and easy-going, and their insightful ideas always broadened my perspectives. This experience has really changed my life by granting me more courage and strength and I wish I could experience the summer school of Exeter once again!"

Xiaohan  - Peking University, China

"At the International Summer School, I expanded my view of the world and grew in my understanding of others by interacting with students from 27 different countries. I built upon my university education through my engaging coursework. The weekend and day trips planned for us were fantastic! I got to experience the historic architecture of Bath, the beach town of St. Ives, and all of the attractions of London. The International Summer School at Exeter was an amazing, unique, and unforgettable experience. I left with a more educated view of the world and friendships that will last a lifetime!"

Jeremy  - Butler University, USA

"The Summer School has been an experience of a lifetime. The lovely staff were very helpful and efficient and I felt very engaged and welcomed by the University of Exeter. There was a well-designed learning itinerary, with dedicated professors knowledgeable in their area of expertise, but we also enjoyed a fantastic social program that helped us enjoy the incredible international atmosphere while we got to know about England. Classes and social life were very well balanced. I had the opportunity to be involved in a unique educational environment and to meet wonderful friends from all over the world, with whom I keep in touch. I will always remember my time at the University of Exeter."

Isabel Cristina  - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

"Situated at a world class university, Exeter’s learning environment facilitates a bilateral exchange of ideas between students and active researchers in the field. I completed the Global Climate Change module and experienced guest lectures from the Met Office scientists and observational learning at the Eden Project, Cornwall. The course is content-heavy but the multidisciplinary approaches to teaching would benefit any student interested in a sustainable future. The social aspects of the program were equally as rewarding, in particular the authentic insights from the visits to London and parts of the South-West. Exeter is a great city for a proper Devonshire tea, its exciting night life and exploring densely green Streatham campus."

Jenny  – University of Adelaide, Australia

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There are several partial scholarships available both from University of Exeter and external organisations for the International Summer School. See our Fees and Scholarships area for more information.

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"The Summer School gave me the opportunity to see the United Kingdom in varying and interesting perspectives I never thought possible. My experience was a unique blend of global education, refreshing entertainment, a display of rich cultures and lasting friendships. The faculties at Exeter are truly one of a kind; they are always willing to help and they seek to bring the best out of their students! The places we visited were beautiful and the discussions in class were constantly intellectually stimulating. Simply put, I had a great summer."

Amanda - Ashesi University College, Ghana

"The professors teach passionately and classes effortlessly involve perspectives that span different cultures and world views. The carefully planned day trips made me feel like I had seen all of England in less than a month. The most important lessons I took away from Exeter were those I learnt from the people I met. We quickly realized how vastly different but yet how similar we were. I fell in love with Shakespeare at Exeter. I made friends for life at Exeter. I would recommend the International Summer School to any student who desires a life changing summer."

Anukripa  - Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India