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Online study

Why study online?

Online study provides a flexible approach to postgraduate education, enabling you to enhance your career without interrupting it. In a world where we only seem to get busier and career progression is only one of the many plates we spin, online study answers the call of business professionals like you looking to upskill without taking a pause.

Our online masters degrees are of equal value to our on-campus qualifications and every bit as academically challenging. They offer flexibility to students with established careers as well as entrepreneurs looking to enhance their leadership skills while also growing their business.

Learn at your own pace

We understand that juggling personal and work commitments with online study can be a challenge. That’s why we put you in the driving seat; you create a schedule that enables you to study alongside continuing to achieve your professional goals.

For ultimate flexibility, we offer three start dates throughout the year and the option to interrupt your study if you need to, as long as you complete your studies within five years. Our programmes are 100% online and include materials specifically designed for the online student, including videos, podcasts and other materials, which means that you can access your course materials whenever and wherever you are. Postgraduate Certificates and Postgraduate Diplomas may also be available, depending on the programme; please check your specific programme information for further details.

Enhance your career

Studying with us not only offers outstanding opportunities for career development, but also the chance to tap into a worldwide peer and business network.

Additionally, learning in a virtual environment both enhances and demonstrates vital skills that employers are seeking in the modern workplace, such as communication and time management skills, the ability to self-motivate and direct, and an ease with emerging digital technologies.

All your learning will be accessed online in our all-encompassing Exeter Learning Environment (ELE), including:

  • Teaching materials – as written, recorded, or animated content
  • Quizzes to check your learning and understanding
  • Videos, podcasts, articles to read
  • Access to electronic books

Your learning will be divided up into a weekly schedule so you can see what work you should aim to get through on a weekly basis. We’ve built in time for preparation and submission of any assessments you have and then time for you to get feedback on those before you progress onto the next module.

Interaction is key to sustaining and building all relationships and a key motivator too. Online learning can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience.

You get out of relationships what you put in – online learning is no exception to this. The people at Exeter gave me the feeling that they were without exception, deeply committed to their side of this relationship.

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Online Masters student

As a Russell Group member, the University of Exeter represents one of the best universities in the United Kingdom.

The online programme additionally enabled me to continue doing my job in Munich, and therefore, to put the theoretical knowledge gained throughout the course into practice. 

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Online Masters student