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Transforming Education

Transforming Education for a Changing World.

In an era of unprecedented change, we are transforming the way we educate our brightest young minds to shape the leaders of tomorrow. At the University of Exeter, we are not bound by the conventions of the past and take a bold, innovative approach to education that reflects the world around us. We harness the latest technology and techniques, think without borders on a global scale and empower our learners to become agents of change.

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We are committed to adaptability and exploration of new methods and encourage our colleagues to continually create and develop new and innovative ways to engage their students. Our unique initiatives such as the Education Incubator, encourage our staff to conceive and nurture their creative ideas by providing them with the space and support to bring them to fruition as we continually strive to find and adopt best practice. We do this by using transformative methods including technology, community engagement, gamification of learning and more to deliver an education that energises and engages our learners.

We firmly believe that in a globalised world, our learners should develop a truly international mindset and not be constrained by geographic or disciplinary boundaries. We offer a wealth of opportunities to work and engage with students and educators from across the globe and academic spectrum – broadening their horizons and shaping them into citizens of the world. This is illustrated by our conception and leadership of Future17, the Sustainable Development Goals Challenge Program. In association with QS, we are bringing together students from across all six continents to work alongside global organisations in virtual groups to develop solutions to help meet the UN’s SDGs.

Above all else, at the University of Exeter, our students are at the heart of their own education. We do not believe that the delivery of education should be a one-way street and our learners are empowered and encouraged to be active participants in their learning journey.

Our students play a significant role in shaping their own curricula and work with members of staff to enhance our teaching methods and techniques. We are dedicated to facilitating success for all students and consider it our responsibility to adjust our approach to meet their diverse needs. Elsewhere, the University supports its students to devise and develop their own ideas for the future, harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit and helping them to forge their own path.

Our approach to education is founded on an ideology focused on innovation, sustainability and co-creation which cascades through every discipline at the University of Exeter, forming a bedrock upon which truly breakthrough thinking can thrive.

We’re not just delivering education, we’re transforming education.

Case studies

The Education Incubator

We are cultivating innovation and collaboration by creating spaces where academics can discover, develop and explore new ideas.

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Students of Enterprise: Innovate, Collaborate and Accelerate

At the University of Exeter, we are committed to challenging our ambitious and inquisitive students to become global citizens and Students of Enterprise.

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Future17 – The Sustainable Development Goals Challenge Program

The University of Exeter and QS are collaborating to lead the creation of a transformative educational partnership between the world’s leading universities and global organisations. We aim to empower and enable the next generation of students to answer the questions that will shape today, tomorrow and the future for us all.

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How a Colombia field trip became a successful virtual exchange

Field trips and study visits are an essential part of the educational experience at the University of Exeter. A particularly successful trip for students from our College of Medicine and Health was given a new lease of life as a result of the pandemic.

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The Playful University and the Joy of Learning.

Driven by an ethos of delivering education through innovation and by adapting creative approaches, we’ve been working on a range of projects under the banner of ‘The Playful University’, solving problems and overcoming obstacles with joy, engagement and a sense of fun.

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Bringing Learning Back: The Festival of Discovery

Our Festival of Discovery is shaped around students and informed by our ethos of enabling a more interactive experience while empowering students to take control of their learning journey.

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Creation Through Collaboration

We’re championing opportunities for our students to engage with students from a range of disciplines and countries, as well as learning from academics from international partner universities. Ours is a truly global approach, unlimited by traditional boundaries and dedicated to opening up innovative opportunities for all.

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Using virtual reality in medical imaging

Technology plays a key role in modern education and the University of Exeter is at the forefront, giving students the opportunity to learn in ways that would have been unimaginable just a generation ago.

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