Apply now - Clearing vacancies 2019

All courses with vacancies available through Clearing 2019 are listed on the pages below for the duration of the Clearing period. Please check these pages regularly for the most up-to-date list of vacancies. All courses state what grades you need, if you meet the requirements simply fill in the short form to apply now.

Clearing 2019

Got your results? We're open for Clearing!

Already have an offer from the University of Exeter?

If you are holding a conditional offer at Exeter and have received your results, please ensure that these are sent to the Admissions Office at Final decisions will be communicated to you via UCAS and your status will be updated in UCAS TRACK.

If you have firmly accepted our conditional offer but are unable to satisfy the terms exactly, we will reconsider your application, however, we may not be able to make a final decision until August, when we will need to take into consideration your actual performance and the performance of others seeking entry to the same programme.