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MindGenius is a mind mapping program for organising ideas and arguments, planning projects and problem solving. It can be particularly useful for helping people with specific learning difficulties and/or different learning styles.

About the software

Mind mapping is a graphical technique that uses words, images, numbers and colours to help you absorb information and learn more effectively. By ‘brainstorming’ ideas and linking them in a mind map you can get an overview of a large subject, plan projects and courses of action, or organise ideas into better structures for essays, reports, lectures and many other uses.

MindGenius has a flexible set of tools to draw and edit various different types of concept map. It includes templates and other visual tools to make the process of mapping easier and more intuitive, while allowing you to customise your maps using words and graphics to make them more memorable. MindGenius can export mind maps as web pages, integrate them into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files, or save them in the PDF format for viewing using Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Permitted for all staff and student use.