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Simulating Reality: From Cricket to Crickets by Dr Philippe Young

A study looking into alternate simulation tools where no suitable 'drawing' or model is readily available

This talk will present tools developed at Exeter to convert 3D images, as obtained from medical MRI and CT scanners, into computer models suitable for carrying out physics-based simulations. With opening speech from Prof. Nick Talbot (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Knowledge Transfer).

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Computer simulation has long been used in traditional engineering applications, particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries, as part of the design process.  However use of simulation has been contingent on having a computer representation of the geometry of the object to be analysed.  There has been increasing interest more recently in using simulation tools where no suitable 'drawing' or model  is readily available (human body, soil, plants etc). New techniques have been used in a wide range of applications including modelling the response of human head to impact, exploring plant pollination mechanisms, simulating the extraction of oil through porous rock and even modelling the comfort/fit of baby nappies.

Lecture recording

A recording of the Dr Philippe Young's Simulating Reality lecture is available to view.

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