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Paradigm Lost: the earliest colonization of the Americas by Professor Bruce Bradley

Evidence that the Americas were discovered by Ice Age Paleaolithic people from southwestern Europe

Professor Bradley presents evidence that before Columbus and Vikings and even before ancient Siberians, the Americas were discovered and explored by Ice Age Palaeolithic people from southwestern Europe.

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The evidence is archaeological, ecological, oceanographic, ethnological and genetic.  This idea has been considered heretical in the scientific community. In an upcoming book review in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology  the reviewer states “…the atmosphere of research on “Early Man in the New Word”, as it is sometimes known, is almost uniquely toxic. Accusations of racism, hucksterism, slander, fraud, conspiracy.... this subject has it all”.  It is in this incomprehensible setting that Prof. Bradley and colleague Dr. Dennis Stanford, of the Smithsonian Institution, have challenged the deeply-held beliefs of academics and the public to visualize a new paradigm of how human beings came to settle the last empty land masses on the planet.

Lecture recording

A recording of Professor Bruce Bradley's Paradigm Lost lecture is available to view.

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