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UK-China Humanities Alliance for Higher Education (UKCHA)

The UK-China Humanities Alliance for Higher Education (UKCHA) is a grouping of some of the best universities in the UK and China, focusing on developing research and connections in the Humanities.

In our present era of globalisation, the humanities have an increasingly important role to play in enhancing mutual understanding and trust, and shared goals underpinned by research excellence. Universities have the responsibility to foster globally-engaged research, provide high-quality education, and prepare future leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues that define this age; these objectives are best achieved in an international context.

In 2016 UKCHA was founded as a cross-institutional structure to facilitate collaboration in humanities research and education.

The University of Exeter is currently the lead UK institution in UKCHA, with responsibility for liaising with the Secretariat based at Tsinghua University and helping to coordinate UKCHA activity in the UK. The consortium enjoys strong relations with the British Council in Beijing and benefits from past and present British Council funding.

The UK-China Humanities Alliance brings together scholars from leading universities in China and the UK in mutually respectful dialogue and intellectual exchange. The arts and humanities are right at the heart of our education and research activities at Exeter and so much of what we do is enriched by working with our wonderful partners all over the world. 

Friendships and connections built through the UKCHA  can endure for many years, leading to exciting  joint research and new opportunities.

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Prof Lisa Roberts

Vice Chancellor University of Exeter