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Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

UK-China Higher Education Young Talent Alliance (HEYTA) 2024 Student Conference

3-5 September 2024, University of Exeter, UK

The aim of the HEYTA conference is to promote cooperation, mutual understanding, and trust between university students from the UK and China – and, thus, nurture future leaders with the skills to navigate a complex world. We are expecting 40 students from prestigious UK-based and Chinese universities, members of the UK-China Humanities Alliance (UKCHA). 

Conference themes

The conference will have three concurrent themes, aligning to current global debates and priorities: 

  1. Interconnectivity and Interculturality 
  2. AI, Technology, and the Post-Knowledge World
  3. Sustainable Development Goals

HEYTA 2024 will offer a rich academic programme with lectures and workshops hosted by UK-based academics and will be accompanied by a social programme and opportunities for cultural exchanges. The conference is co-ordinated by an Exeter-based student organising committee. 

Register for accommodation at HEYTA 2024

The University of Exeter is providing accommodation for all delegates to the Conference at our Streatham Campus in Exeter. All delegates are asked to please register to claim and purchase your accommodation, covering four nights (Monday 2 September through Thursday 5 September inclusive) at a discounted rate, subsidised by the University of Exeter. All other on-site costs during the Conference, such as meals, local transportation and fees, will be completely covered by the University of Exeter.

Register here to purchase your discounted accommodation - guaranteed if purchased by 30 June 2024!

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Conference history

HEYTA is the student conference of UKCHA that, since its establishment in 2016, has held multiple conferences, exchanges, and events among scholars, making significant social impact. To expand academic discussion and cooperation in the student community, HEYTA was initiated in 2019, exploring ways for students to engage in humanities and social sciences-related conversations between the UK and China. In April 2019, the first HEYTA event was successfully held at Tsinghua University, Beijing, with delegates engaging in a range of visits, lectures, and workshops which promoted intercultural exchange in humanities and social science disciplines. From 2020 to 2023, the University of Exeter and Tsinghua University have successfully organised in turn four virtual and face-to-face events to foster valuable dialogue between young people across the two countries.

After the Covid-19 period, HEYTA 2023 also took place at the University of Tsinghua in Beijing, China, and was attended by 16 students from a range of UK universities (University of Exeter; University of Oxford; University of Warwick; University of Manchester; University College London and SOAS University of London) – alongside students from major Chinese universities, including Tsinghua and Fudan. Students attended a series of lectures, cultural activities, and visits to the Forbidden City, local museums, and art galleries, and we were introduced to the Chinese culture. 

More information

In 2024, HEYTA will return to the UK and Exeter. If you would like more information about HEYTA 2024, please contact the organising committee at