Making Digital Editions: Whats, Whys & Hows of Digital Textual Scholarship

A Digital Humanities workshop
Date26 January 2021
Time11:30 to 13:00
PlaceThis event will be held online via Zoom.

Digital Humanities Workshop. Registration required.

Please register through Eventbrite. A Zoom link will be sent out closer to the event.

This workshop will offer a combination of presentation, discussion, and exposure to TEI XML in order to explore why and how you might want to make your own digital edition. It will explain the advantages of creating texts in a digital format and give a very basic introduction to TEI encoding, which is widely used to create editions today. It will explore different ways of publishing online, and discuss the complexities of digital editing, including issues of sustainability, cost and support. Despite these challenges, the workshop will argue that digital scholarly editing can be a deeply rewarding and fruitful undertaking that enables innovative research and teaching – through skills that can be learnt by anyone.

We will discuss the practical realities of digital editing, from best practices to the component parts of an edition on the level of files and folders. In making explicit what is often assumed – or assumed not to be in the purview of the scholar – this workshop aims to open the ‘black box’ of digital editions, encouraging participants to be active critics and creators, as well as users, of digital scholarship online. As more and more of our primary source material is digitized, this critical interrogation becomes ever more crucial – so too does the creation of editions produced by and for scholars, to stake our place (and our creative input) in the digital space.

No prior experience needed. This workshop can be taken singly or in conjunction with 'Introduction to Digital Editing' and 'Intermediate Digital Editing'.

ProviderDigital Humanities
OrganizerUniversity of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab

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