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LSI Seminar Room A

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Biosciences Research Seminar - The role of macrophage in Cryptococcus infection

Part of the Biosciences lunchtime research seminar series

A Biosciences seminar
Date24 November 2022
Time12:30 to 13:30
PlaceLSI Seminar Room A

and via MS Teams

Speaker: Dr Simon Johnston, Senior Research Fellow in Infectious Disease, University of Sheffield. Host: Dr Sumita Roy, MRC Centre for Medical Mycology


The research in the lab mainly focuses how opportunistic fungal infections in immunocompromised people, in particular Cryptococcus species. Cryptococcus is a human pathogen and causes hundreds of thousands of deaths in the severely immunocompromised world-wide each year. We want to understand the fundamental process of how immune system functions during the infection and how macrophage mediated immunity play a role during Cryptococcus infection and the mechanism of phagocytosis of these opportunistic fungi.  We use a multidisciplinary approach to understand the infection mechanism and the regulation of the uptake mechanism of fungi.

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