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Forum Seminar Room 04

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Sean Morris and Yandi Wang (Translation Studies PhD), Drs Muireann Maguire and Ben Philips (Russian)

A Centre for Translating Cultures research event
Date5 June 2019
Time15:30 to 17:30
PlaceForum Seminar Room 04

Seán Morris (Translation Studies PhD): Mid-17th century bilingual mathematical works in France Yandi Wang (Translation Studies PhD): Sociological Translation Studies in English writing on Chinese Political Pop and Cynical Realism paintings. Dr Muireann Maguire (Russian): Bobok: A Future Prequel, or Anticipatory Plagiarism in Russo-Irish Literature Dr Ben Phillips (Russian): Buried Alive: Dostoevskii’s Notes from a Dead House in Late-Victorian Britain

ProviderCentre for Translating Cultures

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