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The Centre for Cytomics currently houses multiple state-of-the-art flow cytometry technologies for research, training and teaching across all main research areas:

  • Mycology
  • Immunology
  • Environmental science
  • Microbiology
  • Marine research
  • Plant biology
  • Clinical research

» Training and access to our equipment

Attune NxT

4Laser (V/B/YG/R)

» More about the Attune NxT

Aurora Spectral

5Laser (UV/V/B/YG/R)

» More about the Aurora

ImageStreamX MKII

5Laser (UV/V/B/YG/R)

» More about the ImageStreamX MKII

Luminex FlexMap 3D

Up to 500 analytes (genes or proteins) in a single sample

» More about the Luminex FlexMap 3D

BD FACSAria Fusion

4Laser (V/B/YG/R)

» More about the BD FACSAria Fusion

Bigfoot Spectral Sorter

6 Laser (UV/V/B/YG/R/NIR)

» More about the Bigfoot Spectral Sorter

Evos M5000 FL

Brightfield, phase contrast and 4 fluorescence

» More about the Evos M5000