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Flow cytometers

At EXCC, we possess two Aurora spectral analysers that are capable of high dimensional flow cytometry, as well as a Attune NxT for high throughput analysis. We also have an Aurora spectral analyser based at the Environmental and Sustainability Institute in Penryn. 

Imaging cytometers

We have 2 flow cytometry imaging platforms that combine the speed of a flow cytometer with functionality of a microscope, as well as a benchtop fluorescence microscope.  

Cell sorters 

EXCC possesses several cell sorters to purify cells from heterogeneous mixtures. This allow the purification of cells for downstream applications from cells isolated from tissues such as for metabolic analysis, in vitro assays, omic measurements or single cell genomic approaches such as a single cell RNA sequencing.   


We have multiple platforms to enable omics-based measurements of RNA, protein and other biological molecules.

Tissue Cytometry

Tissue cytometry enables high parameter analysis of cells within their tissue context.