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Global Systems Institute

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The Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter is creating solutions to the environmental and climate emergency faced by all of us. There are many exciting opportunities for alumni and friends to join us as we seek to find a more sustainable future for our society, by making a donation in support of our work.

Why donate today?

Scientific research into global environmental problems provides crucial evidence to influence national and global policy, making way for a better future. It’s a challenging time for universities, and we are more than ever dependent on our supporters to help us do more, answer the most difficult questions, reach out to communities, spread our message, and push for change.

The Institute is in its first year and we have already created vital partnerships, started ground breaking research programmes and launched our Masters Programme. But we always have more to do.

A charitable contribution is a great way to have a meaningful impact, by helping us to create transformative solutions and train the next generation of sustainability leaders.  If you would like to make a donation today, please click here.

  • Support for Community Engagement

    By making a donation today you can help us to work community groups around the world facing unique challenges. Together we can share expertise, best practice and learn from each other others to implement sustainable change around the world.
  • Support for Students

    By making a gift of £1,000 or more you can directly support our Masters Programme, offering scholarships to the most talented students, as well as opportunities for international fieldwork so our students can share their expertise around the world.
  • Support for researchers

    By making a gift of £20,000 or more, you can support our research community so that they can undertake new research projects to answer the most difficult questions
  • Support for the Future

    Recognising the Global Systems Institute in your will means we can continue this vital work long into the future. 

What we have accomplished with your donations?

Charitable support to date has enabled us to support PhD students working to address the impacts of climate change, engage new audiences through community activity and funded ground breaking research.

  • Maintaining biodiversity is fundamental to the health and prosperity of every human, so it needs to be a key factor in policy making and financial decisions in the same way that climate change is becoming. Through the Dragon Capital Chair in Biodiversity Economics, created with the support alumnus Dominic Scriven (Sociology & Law, 1985) and Dragon Capital, we are finding new ways to encourage companies and the financial markets to make more money out of conserving nature than degrading it. Read more.
  • The Cerrado is a hugely important ecosystem in Brazil which is now less than 20% intact due to human influence and intensive land use. Thanks to the  partnerships we have and support from alumni, we are undertaking a groundbreaking project which will plug the science gap in order to restore this ecosystem in the most sustainable way.
  • Scientists know that light, litter and noise are all major stressors on marine life but we don’t yet have a full understanding of their combined and comparative effects on the environment. Thanks to the support of alumni Michael and Theresa Laflin (Spanish, 1983; Economics and Geography, 1981) we are undertaking research to mitigate the negative impacts of sport and leisure in the marine environment. Read more.
  • Sharing science, educating and engaging communities in our research is at the heart of the Global Systems Instiute. We are proud to support Agile Rabbit, an independent group creating events to talk, learn and debate the latest thinking on global challenges. Read more

Donations of over £100,000 provide a unique opportunity to make an outstanding contribution to the achievement of the Institute’s aims and vision. Gifts at this level can help fund the cost of the building, provide state of the art equipment, develop a programme of support for a key area of research or fund academic posts within the Global Systems Institute. The Global Advancement Office will be pleased to discuss bespoke giving opportunities with individuals and organisations interested in making exceptional gifts.

Other ways to help

The Gift of Time

The Global Systems Institute is co-created with fellow thought leaders, businesses, organisations and community groups. You may be able to join for a guest lecture, event or workshop or meet to help our teams identify new opportunities to address the challenges we face. If you have professional or personal experience to share, whether with our students, staff or our thriving community, please get in touch.

Help grow our network

Help us advocate for solutions to the challenges we face by introducing the Global Systems Institute to your networks – sign-up now to receive the latest updates and details of the projects we are working on.

To discuss any of the opportunities above, please contact:

Global Advancement
Tel: +44 (0) 1392 723141