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Global Systems Institute

Sustainable Finance

Our Climate Finance solutions focus on the translation and practical application of Climate and Environmental science to improve the resilience and growth prospects of the Financial Services (FS) industry. 

FS partners can draw upon the wealth of world-leading academic expertise and industry experience within the Global Systems Institute, and across the entire University, to support their efforts in responding to the Climate Emergency.  Dr Jean-Francois Mercure’s work on stranded fossil fuel assets is an example of our highly influential research.

Examples of collaboration outputs, include:

  • Creating or enhancing ESG/Sustainability policy and strategy;
  • Integrating physical and transition risk into risk management and asset allocation decisions;
  • Developing bespoke analytics applications and new ESG/Sustainability (Impact) financial products;
  • Delivering improved ESG/Sustainability internal reporting and external disclosures;
  • Receiving bespoke climate change research content.

Please contact Jack Oliver to discuss opportunities in this area. He is contactable Tuesday-Friday on 07453323375.