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Children & Young People's Wellbeing @ Exeter

Children & Young People's Wellbeing @ Exeter

We aim to advance research and understanding into the physical and mental wellbeing of Children and Young People (from prenatal to 25 years of age).

Our interdisciplinary approach includes psychological, psychiatric, social, cultural, physiological, and genetic research. We aim to connect investigators from intersecting fields, to promote the work being done at Exeter and to facilitate collaborative research with impact on policy and implementation.   

Network leads

Steering group

Name Position  
Alan Barker Associate Professor in Paediatric Physiology and Health   
Doretta Caramaschi Lecturer, Psychology   
Helen Dodd Professor of Child Psychology, College of Medicine & Health/ChYMe  
Thomas El-Hoss  Post-Doctoral Research Fellow  
Anke Karl Associate Professor, CEDAR/MDC/Psychology  
Kristin Liabo  Senior Research Fellow PenARC  
Darren Moore  Senior Lecturer, School of Education  
Ravi Poorun Paediatric Clinical Lecturer, College of Medicine & Health/IHR/ChYMe  
Felicity Thomas Associate Professor of Culture and Health Inequalities, The Wellcome Centre and Department of Health and Community Sciences  
Rosie Fox PhD Student  
Angeliki Kallitsoglou   Senior Lecturer in Education and Psychology.  
Will Shield Child and Educational Psychologist, Senior Lecturer, and Joint Programme Director for the Doctorate in Educational, Child and Community Psychology programme  
Kate Townsend Lecturer in Normative Political Theory  


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