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Research and Innovation

PhD researchers

A list of PhD researchers and their projects can be found below

Name Email Project title Supervision Keywords
Bharath Ananthanarayana      
Emma Bailey      
Shahina Begum      
Catherine Broomfield The social licence to farm of beef & sheep farming in grassland regions of the UK: a study of farming’s public engagement in the south-west of England Matt Lobley
Michael Winter
Red meat production
and consumption,
beef and sheep farmers, 
grassland livestock,
public opinion, 
South-West England,
farming practices,
engagement practices
Haohui Cai      
Ada Cheong The Alimentary Unconscious: Science Fiction and the World-Food-System in the Capitalocene Professor Paul Young and Dr Chris Campbell Politics and culture of the Anthropocene, neoliberal capitalist food system, Energy, Humanities
Katharine Clayton     Politics and culture of the Anthropocene, neoliberal capitalist food system, Energy Humanities
Jen Clements      
Sophie Corrigan     Marine Biological Association, Cefas
Cristina Crizbasan;     Pottery, consumption, identity, style
Kevin Donkers;      
Beth Dooley;      
Jess Fagin “Without the Muslims we’d be out of a job” Constructing nationhood and racial hierarchies through the narrative practices in English sheep slaughterhouses  Harry West, Katharine Tyler  Race, nation, whiteness, Britain, labour, meat, Islamophobia, coloniality, narrative
Jennifer Finlay     Food, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability; Biodiversity and Human-Animal Relations; Food Markets and Global Trade; Alternative Food Networks and Circular Economy; Labour, Livelihoods and Wellbeing in the Food Sector; Food History, Culture, Heritage and Intellectual Property; Enhancing Food Productivity; Food (In)security, Food Justice and Planetary Health; Pollution and Waste in Food Systems; Tourism, Hospitality and Sustainable Development; Nutrition, Health and Human Performance; Social Isolation and Commensality
Aldith Gauci;      
Iris Gioti The Matriarch: Gender, Labour, and Ageing in Cultures of the Hellenic Diaspora Dr Chris Campbell and Dr Felicity Gee Migration, matriarchs, patriarchal capitalism, affective labour, food production, ingredients, feeding, nostalgic foods
Mandy Goddard;     Creative writing  Land use  Agriculture  Landscape history  Vegetable production  
Sophie Hearn;     Sustainable diets, meat reduction, food preferences, food choice, diet change
Linda Henderson “Looking after the Babes” – Class, Gender, and the Nature of Scientific Improvement – a case study of the Aylesbury Duck Industry 1820-1920 Henry French & Jane Whittle History of Duck production, cottage industry, 19th century agricultural and domestic science education, 19th century horticultural and agricultural shows, gender and class in 19th Century poultry production
Hatty Hopkinson;      
Jed Hilton The Chef as Activist: The Changing Role and Social Engagement of Contemporary Chefs  Harry West
Christopher Thorpe 
Chefs, hospitality, food ethics, sustainability, restaurant history, food quality
Jack Jarvis     Benefits, Improvement, Reduction, Sustainability, Impact
Megan Larmer Towards an edible ethic: land-use, gastronomy, and the politics of rurality in the Hudson Valley Dr. Harry G. West
Dr. Celia Plender
Food, farming, agriculture, gastronomy, heritage, hope, nostalgia, prefigurative, queer, seeds, cider, philanthropy, anthropology, ethnography
Jill Lidgey;      
Guy Lomax;     GHG emissions, land use, soil health, livestock, food systems.
Aoife Maher;     Horticulture, Food systems, Food growing, Agriculture, Sociology
Oli Moore More-than-food: Reimagining diets in the modern zoo and the impact of zoo professionalisation on changing captive primate diets.  Dr Angela Cassidy and Prof. Michael Schillmeier  Nutrition, zoos, captive, animals, science, knowledge, feeding
Hannah Mortimer;     Human-livestock-environment interactions, biodiversity, regenerative farming, nature-friendly farming
Katherine Mudge;      
Rose Muller     GHG emissions, land use, soil health, livestock, food systems.
Giulia Nicolini;     Culture, environment, sustainability, seafood, markets
Bethany Parkes     Food Markets and Global Trade;Food (In)security, Food Justice and Planetary Health;Nutrition, Health and Human Performance
Léna Prouchet Understanding the nexus between NGO and public actors’ interventions and the emergence, the development, and the sustainability of productive projects among indigenous forest communities. Stefano Pascucci
Greg Molecke
Jane Wills 
Indigenous peoples, entrepreneurship, NGOs, development projects, cash crops, climate justice 
Ali Ali Redha Improving the bioavailability of health-promoting phytochemicals found in vegetables for enhanced bioactivity Dr Luciana Torquati and Prof Geoffrey Nash from the University of Exeter
Prof Mike Gidley and Dr Daniel Cozzolino from The University of Queensland
Phytochemicals, broccoli, glucoraphanin, sulforaphane, encapsulation, bioavailability, infrared spectroscopy
Denise Ross;      
Fatma Sabet Theorising Sustainable School Food as Reflected in Meals and Education Practices in Primary Schools in England Brahm Norwich
Neil Harrison
Justin Dillon
Sustainability, sustainable school food, public health, environmental sciences education
Anna Seecharan Food knowledge in migratory bodies: an embodied approach to smell/taste memories through time and space. Harry G West
Katharine Tyler
Food, senses, smell/taste, identity, belonging, race and processes of racialisation, sensory ethnography
Fiona Schroeder The Final Frontier: Extraterrestrial New Worlds and Anglophone Interplanetary Romance, 1865-1914 Professor Paul Young (Exeter) and Professor Andrew Mangham (Reading).  Literature, Victorian, imperialism, capitalism, interplanetary, globalisation, frontiers, resources, food, space, cities
Diana Valencia-Duarte 'The Peasant Food Question': Agrarian reforms, depeasantisation and food sovereignty in dispute, Colombia, 1961-2013 Prof Stacey Hynd and Dr Silvia Espelt-Bombin Peasantry, food sovereignty, environmental history, comparative history, agrarian question, agrarian reform
Jessica Virgili     Association for Nutrition; The Nutrition Society; British Mass Spectometry Society. 
Veronica White Visualising future food: imaginaries of UK food system transformation Dr Saffron O’Neill, Dr Angela Cassidy and Dr Julie Barnett Future food systems, visuals and photography, climate change, imaginaries
Konstancja Woźniacka     Food, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability; Biodiversity and Human-Animal Relations; Pollution and Waste in Food Systems; Enhancing Food Productivity;