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Research and Innovation


Exeter Food members can be found throughout the university, in all three of our faculties, and on each of our campuses. 

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Name Email Keywords
Professor Harry G West Cheese, artisan, heritage, terroir, memory
Dr Jesse F Abrams Climate change and agriculture, net zero food system, positive tipping points in the food system
Professor Rob Andrews Diabetes, diets, protein, carbohydrate, insulin action
Cariad Astles Food performance, banquet, feast, food animation and puppetry, applied theatre related to eating disorders
Dr Olivia Barnett-Naghshineh Production, consumption, exchange, agroecology, sustainability, gender
Professor Stewart Barr

Behaviour change, sustainability, co-creation, transitions, local

Weight stigma, social connection
Dr Dan Bebber Plants, crops, fungi, agriculture, climate change, food, modelling, plant disease, plant pathogens, microbes, tropical crops
Sustainable aquaculture, environment, aquatic food security, seafood, shellfish, seaweed
Dr Dan Bloomfield Partnership, solution, innovation, regeneration, biodiversity
Professor Steffen Boehm Circular and regenerative agriculture, food systems research, food procurement, carbon footprint of food (climate change), participatory food business models 
Professor Joanna Bowtell Nutrition and health, nutrition and athlete performance, polyphenols, bioactives, human physiology, metabolism Nutrition, public health, dietary guidelines, sustainable food systems, food policy, mixed methods, qualitative, public engagement, food security, India, Europe, UK 
Dr Angela Cassidy Animal health/One Health, infectious disease, food systems, agri/env policy, land management, food in media/public sphere
Food security, multi-dimensional poverty, resilience, common pool resource, fisheries 
Poetry, ecology, pollution, microbes, extraction, food, Anthropocene, biodiversity
Community gardens, wellbeing, food history, food and leisure
Social agriculture, alternative food networks, social agricultural cooperatives, solidarity, purchasing groups, scaling, social enterprises
Dr Joanne Connell  Sustainable tourism, food tourism, artisan producers
Lifecycle analysis, water-energy-food-environment-nexus, waste, plastic pollution 
Dr Thomas Currie Subsistence strategies, pastoralist food systems, food cultures, crop productivity, history of food
Dave Dann Sustainability, localism, Devon, community, orchards
Horticultural arts, orchards, allotments, apples, rewilding
Archaeology, zooarchaeology, human-animal-envionment relations, conservation, animal feeding 
Dr Katharine Earnshaw Agriculture, ethics, landscape, literature, labour, seasons, arboriculture, viticulture, apiculture 
Dr Kate Ellacott Obesity, food intake, brain, behaviour, molecular mechanisms
Sustainable aquaculture, seafood, physiology, mussels, genomics, climate change
Nadira Faber Meat consumption, how humans see different animal species & change in diets

Agriculture, material culture & consumption, social status

Professor William Gaze Infectious disease, antimicrobial resistance, antibiotics, intensive livestock production
Dr James Grellier Health, public health, nutrition, sustainability
Food authenticity, DNA barcoding, fisheries management, seafood
Dr Cornelia Guell Food practices (production, acquisition, consumption), social and cultural contexts of food, food histories, food policies and politics, food and health
Food Systems (farm to fork), impacts of CV19 and Brexit, seafood sector, agriculture and net-zero, building back a better food system 
Professor Sarah Gurr Fungal disease, calorie and commodity crops, in field losses and post-harvest waste
Dr Nicholas Harmer Vaccine development, One Health, coxiella burnetii, synthetic biology
Agriculture, biotechnology, governance, policy, stakeholder engagement
Community/local food production, links between food sourcing and dietary quality, ethical considerations for obesity-related policy, nutrition in medical education, dietetics  
Bees, navigation, foraging, agricultural landscapes, crop pollination 
Dr Andrew Higginson Obesity, evolution, foraging, learning, uncertainty
Critical social theory, social ecology, spatial relations, development 
Dr Claire Holleran Ancient food supply, ancient food retail, Roman bars and inns, ancient diet and nutrition 
Dr Lee Hogarth Socioeconomic deprivation, inequality, risk of obesity, mechanisms   
Agricultural production, policy and trade
Professor Claire Hulme Economic evaluation, obesity, behavioural change, health inequalities
Food, environment, nature, economy, growth, partnership
Dr Sarah Jackman Bioactives, polyphenols, insulin, diabetes, protein synthesis
Microbiome, nitric oxide, ergogenic aids, nitrate, carbohydrate, glycogen, exercise 
AMR, farming/agronomist relationships, soil health, environment; Knowledge Exchange; Kant’s philosophy of biology
Dr Sawsan Khuri Cultural, therapeutic, means of communication, possibly collaborative
Adipose tissue biology, glucose metabolism, appetite regulation, obesity and diabetes, clinical trials, physiological studies and endocrine pathways, emotional eating and behaviour modulation Behaviour change, food preferences, healthy eating, obesity, meat reduction
Animal behaviour, grey squirrels, foraging, food caching, food value, future discounting, social influences, body condition, trade-offs
Climate change, environment, food sovereignty, food waste, food production
Plant research, data-intensive agriculture, agricultural development, climate change, farmer rights
Collaboration, co-design, co-production, involvement, engagement
Professor Matt Lobley Agriculture, environment, impact of covid on food system
Dr Joasia Luzak Nutritional labelling, food safety
Migrant labour, job progression opportunities, agri-food sector
Professor Steve McCorriston Food prices, international trade, functioning of food markets, policy
Moral development, veganism, intergroup relations, speciesism
Food provision in schools
Public health economics, economic evaluation, costs, food chemical contaminants, benefit assessment
Publics, more-than-human relations, expectations, futures, science and technology studies, speculative methodologies, design
Local food policy, access to land, food poverty
Dr Alice Moseley  Net zero, farming, sustainable, behaviour, health, food poverty
Professor Ayesha Mukherjee Famine, food security, food history, food and famine in literature
Dr Kyriaki Noussia Climate change, sustainability, sustainable growth, risks, food shortage, water shortage
Dr Caroline Nye Farm labour, farmer mental health, farmer collaboration, livestock marts, wellbeing of agricultural communities
Circular economy, environmental sustainability, recycling, sustainable development goals, industry 4.0
Seaweed, vegan, innovation, politics, aquaculture 
Professor Alan Outram Ancient dietary reconstruction, prehistoric subsistence, zooarchaeology
Economic globalization, food security, trade (Corn Laws), peace, anti-imperialism
Regenerative agriculture, circular food systems, alternative food networks, food value chain configurations, food innovation
Agroforestry, silvopastoral systems, food security, global south
Dr Carolyn Petersen Food security, agroforestry, food-land-climate nexus 
Roman pottery, globalisation, Chinese porcelain, historical anthropology of drinking, beverages (tea, coffee, wine, beer etc)
Food co-ops, food insecurity, alternative food networks, care, Covid-19 responses
Dr Tom Powell Regenerative, resilient, smallholder, climate, carbon, global, agroforestry
Biodiversity, ecosystem services, landscape connectivity, global change, molecular ecology
Dr Simon Rennie Cotton famine, hunger, poverty, poetry, politics
Vitamin D, nutrition status, nutrition intake, children and young people diagnosed with chronic conditions
Vegetarianism, meat-alternatives, food histories, food hygiene, food and literature 
Dr Louise Rutterford Sustainability, nutrition, bio-availability, catering
Dr Rebecca Sandover Sustainable food networks, food policy networks, community food initiatives, sustainable food governance, food inequalities 
Aquaculture, genomics, epigenetics, fish, invertebrates
Rurality, ecology, community food growing, Kurdistan, Turkey, Kurdish literature and heritage
Professor Nick Smirnoff Plant biochemistry and metabolism, antioxidants and nutraceutical compounds in plants
Economics, price, demand, consumer, purchasing
Professor Francis Stephens Skeletal muscle metabolism, insulin sensitivity, whole body glucose, amino acid, and fatty acid kinetics, carnitine, sport supplements  
Food traceability, aquaculture, lobster, fisheries, salmon 
History, phytochemistry, early modern, medicine, permaculture, recipes, herbal medicine, trees
Plant pathogens, genomics, bioinformatics, plant health
Professor Naomi Sykes Human-animal-environment health, bio-cultural heritage, identity, cuisine, deep-time
Dr Tim Taylor Environmental economics applied to food (e.g. choice experiments), food futures, public health, sustainability, conceptual modelling of ecological public health
Aquaculture, sustainable development, antimicrobial resistance, biosecurity, community engagement  
Dr Ruth Thurstan Marine ecosystem change, historical consumption, fisheries, shellfish, seafood
Professor Victoria Tischler Dementia, care provision, older people, plant based diets, veganism
Susannah Tooze Obesity, public health, environment, health promotion, policy
Diet quality, gut microbiome, nutrition education, local produce, food culture
Fisheries, marine/coastal sustainability, stewardship of natural resources, health/wellbeing in fishing communities, social-ecological systems
Professor Nigel Unwin Sustainable diets, burdens of malnutrition, nutrition and ecosystem sensitive agriculture, planetary health 
Host-microbiome-diet interactions, cardiovascular health, cognitive health, functional capacity, dietary nitric oxide precursors, dietary supplements, oral microbiome, gut microbiome 
Professor Edward Watkins Depression, habits, therapy, worry, lifestyle
Agriculture, food production, environment, wellbeing 
History, agriculture, consumption, food processing, marketing
Microsporidia parasites, insects as food and feed
Archaeology, Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers, food storage, woolly mammoth, plant foods, fire cooking technology, ice age
Modelling crop yields, particularly the response to a changing climate
Dr Hugh Williamson Plant breeding, plant science, agroecology, precision agriculture, agricultural data
Supply chains, resilient food systems, sustainability
Animal physiology, aquaculture (fish and shellfish farming), climate change and pollution impacts on marine and freshwater fisheries
Agriculture, policy, food systems, sustainability
Environmental impacts, sustainability assessment, carbon footprint, water-energy-food nexus
Meat, Victorian period, imperialism, dietary change, healthy eating
Professor Reza Zamani Plant based food, vegan diet, organic, local produce
Edible souvenirs, hotel and museum pantries