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Exeter Marine

About us

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Exeter Marine is supported by a Theme Lead, Project Coordinator, and a Steering Group. Feel free to get in touch with any of the team or send us a message on

Theme lead

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Brendan Godley

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Project Coordinator

Lauren Storer

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Steering group

Name Department
Ian Ashton Renewable Energy Engineering
Bob Brewin Geography and Environmental Science
Tomas Chaigneau Environment and Sustainability Institute
Timothy Cooper History
Clare Eatock Exeter Innovation
Maria Fusaro History
Paul Halloran Geography
Ceri Lewis Biosciences
Kristian Metcalfe Ecology and Conservation
Sarah Nelms Ecology and Conservation
Stefano Pascucci Business School
Philipp Thies Renewable Energy Engineering
Michiel Vos Medical School
Lucy Woodall Biosciences