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Hannah Cowdell

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Fida Adra PhD student at the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Diana Bass PhD student in Psychology
Claire Beaugrand Lecturer in Sociology
Ana Beduschi Associate Professor at the Law School
Billie Jeanne Brownlee Lecturer in Middle East Politics
John Cooper Senior Lecturer in Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture
Patrick Devine-Wright  Professor in Human Geography
Sanja Djerasimovic Impact Case Study Researcher in History
Hasnul Djohar PhD student in English
Emma Douglas Senior Tutor, University of Law, Exeter
David Doyle Lecturer in Social Psychology
Mick Dumper Professor in Middle East Politics
Ruth Flanagan (nee Harley) Lecturer in Education
Cathy Gray PhD student in English
Christine Hauskeller Professor in Philosophy
Dr Rebecca Helm Senior Lecturer in Law
Nicole Hoellerer  Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Geography
Kevin Hunter  
Joanna Hynes PhD student in Geography
Kuba Jablonowski Lecturer in Political Geography
Gizem Kahraman (Aksoy) PhD student at the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Charlotte Kelsted PhD student in History
Emma Loosley Associate Professor in Theology and Religion
Becca Mavin PhD student in Politics
Emma Marshall PhD student in Geography
Thomas Morton Associate Professor in Psychology
Baris Oktem Phd student at the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Esther Reed Professor of Theological Ethics
Raawiyah Rifath PhD student in Law
Christine Robins (formerly Allison) Associate Professor at The Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Kelsey Shanks Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Amanda Schmid-Scott  Phd student in Geography
Emil Sokolov PhD student in History
Joseph Sweetman Lecturer in Psychology
Katharine Tyler Associate Professor in Anthropology
Huw Williams Associate Professor in Psychology
Alexander Wortley PhD student in English
Irene Fernandez-Molina  Senior Lecturer in International Relations 
Katie Brown Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies 
Birgul Yilmaz Senior Lecture in Intercultural Communication (Education and Research)